Bobble is probably the most advanced stat that we have developed thus far. Unlike stats we’ve looked at such as attendance, and goals scored this stat took a bit more of “out of the box” thinking to develop but quantifies more of the teams success as opposed to the individual bobbleheads’.

This statistic ultimately measures how successful a team is in taking part a bobblehead night regardless of if they are the home team handing out the bobblehead or if they are the away team playing the team handing out the bobblehead.

The best way to present this stat is with an example:

Imagine your team, Team A, is holding a bobblehead night against an opposing team, Team B. Forget about everything other than the final score of that game.

Lets say that Team A wins the game 5-1  against Team B which would then be viewed as a successful bobblehead night given that the team handing out the bobblehead won. Given that Team A won we would then give them one “BobbleFor” or “Bobble +1”. Now all is not lost by the Team B because they were present for that successful night. So instead of penalizing them we will also give them a BobbleFor because they took part in making that successful bobblehead night happen.

So let’s say all did not go well and Team A lost 4-1 against Team B. This would then be reversed and viewed as an unsuccessful bobblehead night given that the team handing out the bobblehead lost. Given that Team A lost we would now give them one “BobbleAgainst” or “Bobble -1”. Now this would also follow over to Team B who, although won the game, caused the bobblehead night to be unsuccessful and there for would also be hit with a BobbleAgainst.

So what this statistic does is takes all the results of bobblehead nights a team has partook in and calculates their “Bobble” based on the final score and whether they were the home or away team. A teams BobbleFor and BobbleAgainst can then be used to determine a Bobble% which shows the percentage of games a team was present for a successful bobblehead night. To give a brief overview the higher a teams Bobble% is the better the chance you’ll have of that bobblehead night being a success.

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