One thing that most teams assume when they plan a bobblehead night is that they’ll see an immediate sellout crowd or at least above average attendance. For most people, including myself, we all assumed the same. However, after looking deeper into the attendance’s of each bobblehead night this is surprisingly not the case.

There are two values that we decided were the best to compare each bobblehead nights attendance to. One being the average attendance of the respective team for that entire season, the other being the average attendance of all bobblehead nights in the respective season.

For example:

Let’s say that one season the average attendance for a bobblehead night was 15000 fans. Now let’s say that one bobblehead night saw 18000 fans attend which in comparison to the league average for bobblehead nights that season looks like an extremely successful. However, lets say that the team who held that bobblehead night had an average attendance of 20000 fans. Now that bobblehead night doesn’t look so good now does it.

This visual is a graph which represents the difference between the bobblehead nights attendance and the leagues attendance for that bobblehead night in the season on the x-axis while the y-axis represents the difference between the bobblehead nights attendance¬†and it’s respective teams attendance for that season.

Furth explanation of this stat can be found in the Bobblettendance Glossary.

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