Rawhide Never Gets His Bobblehead

Rawhide Never Gets His Bobblehead

The San Francisco Bulls were a team in the ECHL that formed in 2011 as an affiliated of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks and the AHL’s Worcester Sharks.  At the start of the 2013-14 ECHL season the Bull had released that they were planning on holding three bobblehead nights:

November 27th – Pat Curcio – General Manager and Head Coach of the Bulls

January 15th – Dean Ouellet – Center for the Bulls from 2012-2014

March 19th – Rawhide – Mascot of the Bulls

The first two bobblehead of Pat Curcio and Dean Ouellet went off without a hitch with 1000 of each being handed out at their respective games. Sadly five days after Dean Ouellet bobblehead night the Bulls released that they would be folding or moved within a week. Exactly one week later on January 27th, 2014 the Bulls officially ceased operations and Rawhides bobblehead never made it out of the box.

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